Be-A Ruined Viewer

I love TV. I watch it with shameless abandon. That hasn’t changed.
That being said, the way I watch TV has completely changed.
For one thing, I am now automatically invested in any baby on the screen. Suddenly when Ben chirps “bye!” to Ross for the first time on a Friends rerun, I clap my hands and squee and get all misty-eyed- partly because I am imagining the first time Jr squeaks out a word, and how overcome I will be to hear it. Or when the cheeky-but-unfortunate fired maid on Downtown Abbey learns that the father who never acknowledged her illegitimate son has ben killed in the war, and I sit letting tears pour down my face watching her hold and rock the baby and cry in her dingy dirt-floored rooms. I can feel the hopelessness of her situation, of how little there is she can do for her child.
Sure, babies on TV were something I registered, but now they grab my attention so very fully, it is a whole new world of baby TV in Keri-land.
In addition, I have officially become a total “mom” about adult subject matter on TV. The Hub has been gung-ho about this new show on MTV called “I just Want My Pants Back,” and while I guess it isn’t un-funny, it is semi-horrifying to my newly sprouted Mommy Sensibilities. All I can think is “this is aimed at teenagers, but I am 35 years old and I don’t even feel old enough to be watching it! There are a lot of things on TV lately that just don’t seem to really even need to be made, and a lot more that seem like they would benefit from dialing the dirty WAAAAAAAAYYYYY back.

In short, I have turned into my mother in that regard.  But it has happened chiefly because I remember very well that as a teen ager, the more off-limits and smutty a show was, the more determined I was to watch it.  And we didn’t have cable,  AND it was 20 years ago, so the trash in my life was considerably less trashy than the junk coming at us in insanely clear and large HD.

I can’t just watch it anymore – I  can’t even ignore it.  All I can do is sit slack-jawed thinking “I don’t EVER want my kid watching this crap!”

I am ruined for mindless TV viewing.

I am sure I will still valiantly try.



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