Eat, Briefly – Fat Tuesday Jambalaya (The dirty cheater version.)

Laissez les bons temps rouler!  (or for those of us who chose to butcher a language OTHER than French in High School – it is pronounced “Lazay-Lay Bon-Tom Roulay.”)

As I have mentioned before, The Hub has spent quite a bit of time in New Orleans, and he loves him some Cajun cooking!  I don’t pretend to be super well-versed in the cuisine of that area, but I will give anything a try!

This is the part where I confess that I didn’t really “try” anything for this one.  Except for trying not to get a paper cut as I opened the Zataran’s Jambalaya box.  Because that is what I did.  And I mixed in a bell pepper, some fabulous spicy Cajun sausage from Tony’s Market, and some chopped scallops (we love scallops.) Lazy?  Maybe.  Quick, tasty, and fun Fat Tuesday dinner?  For Sure!

Good stuff – The Hub liked it, I liked it, The Nana had some leftovers and she liked it. Can’t go wrong with easy and delicious and even a little fun for a weeknight dinner!



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