Be – more sweet than bitter.

Today we close on the sale of The Tree House.

It has been such a difficult roller coaster the past few weeks that I have barely had time to think about the actual leaving.

It was such a complicated situation and we were so unsure of the outcome, that we were fully unpacked and 100% living there until exactly a week ago.  That is when the first box got packed.

Then Tuesday was here and the movers came and took all the furniture down the elevator and off down the road to a storage unit in the burbs to wait out the month until closing on the new casa.

And then it was Wednesday and my car was as tightly packed as it could be with all of the last little things that end up left when a house is “empty,” and I was suddenly standing in the center of the now echo-y main room, staring into my sweet little kitchen and sobbing and trying to figure out how to hug a whole house.

It was a love affair, me and my Tree House.  Right from the very start, I knew it was home.

We hosted big parties and small dinners and last-minute drunkouts.

There were times we flung open the doors to friends of friends’ friends and celebrated little and big moments in lives – and times we pulled up the drawbridge and hunkered down to protect from pain and fear and loss.

We sat out on the patio – the Hub and I, on comfortable nights, staring out over the tree tops and to the flat, wide open of the eastern Colorado prairie in the growing darkness and talked about everything – made decisions big and small. We planned plans – as little as where to go for dinner and as big as the sweet toddler currently napping in the next room.

We went from being “newlyweds” to being a family in that little house, and it was very, very good to us.

The next occupant of the Tree House is an early 20-something investment banker and first time home owner who fought so hard to buy the place – and he too is in love with it.  Our family’s first little home is in good hands and ready to be a part of all of his memories to come.

And though a part of me is sad to say goodbye – I am so excited to get into our new house and start making memories (and Eats and Drinks, ) as our family’s stories unfold there.



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