Eat, Briefly – Grilled Chicken with Olive Tapenade

Nana gets huge props for coming up with this one!  She found a recipe card at the grocery that involved making a kind of pesto sauce with olives and other goodness in a food processor.

But who wants to bust out a food processor on a weeknight?

Instead we hit up the olive bar at the grocery for a few scoops of mixed olives, and I chopped them up finely with 1/4 a jar of marinade artichoke hearts we had leftover, and mixed together with a few teaspoons of the brine from the olives and a generous pour of canned grated parmesan cheese.  It all sat and kind of meshed together while my Dad (or Pop to Jr,) grilled up some chicken breasts.  We served it with a garlic and olive oil pasta side dish, (and corn for The Hub, who opted to skip the olives and have his chicken with cheese melted on top instead.)

The tapenade on the chicken was SERIOUSLY good.  It is also very good today as I type this and snack down the leftovers mixed with chopped up chicken and the leftover pasta all heated together.  MMMMMMMM.

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