Be -the mom of Urban Dog

Potter won’t make.
Well, Potter won’t poo… in his backyard that is…
And for goodness sake tonight I don’t blame him. It is buggy as sin back here. I don’t think we considered that the proximity of the beautiful reservoir we live close to would mean that we would be under seige from biting bugs all the live long day all summer long!
That isn’t really Binky’s issue though… it is mine as I fire up the sterno firepit I didn’t even want to bring with us from the Treehouse, but which now seems to be our salvation from mosquito bites at the lake house… (did you know that they lit sterno cans in their tents in Vietnam to keep the bugs away? Me either, until my daddy informed me last weekend.)
FFS, it is a swarm out here!
Like I said, that isn’t really Potter’s issue. Potter’s prob is that he is as urban as his mom is. He wants to be walked, all over God’s green earth, while someone at the end of a tether waits, 5 feet away, with a baggie in hand, for him to pick a spot.
And people, The Hub keeps doing it. 3 times a day he is walking our dog all over the ‘hood, while our perfectly good backyard awaits the poo.
Which is fine….. until The Hub leaves town on business.
Then I am left to convince the pooch that his pooing in the yard is why we are here.
I wanted a house so I didn’t have to drag Jr up and down the block while my dog found a spot to do his thing, as much as any other reason.
Instead I am walking around my buggy backyard, trying to convice my dog to poop while the neoghbors watch.
And he will not.
And we should buy stock in whoever makes Off! Products.


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