Be – a family junkie

Not a day goes by that I don’t think about how silent things are here on ED&BK of late.  I truly enjoy posting – all of the cooking and musing and unabashed mixology that comes along with it – I love it all.

And I know countless moms who have kiddos and jobs and bustling social lives and STILL bust out some fabulous blog entries on a very regular basis.

I know my cooking entries will pick up as the weather turns colder, and some upcoming DIY home improvement projects will probably make for hilarious stories to share (if I am shameless enough to admit what will probably be my many mishaps.  Who am I kidding, I have no shame!)

But of late I find myself with an insatiable desire to soak up time with my family, like a sponge soaking up every last drop of liquid possible, until it is dripping from my edges even as I try to expand to fit in a few more drops.

Play time and car rides and sharing a cookie at the grocery store with Jr; quiet evenings after he is asleep on the sofa watching the fall premiers of our favorite shows with The Hub; lingering over Jr drop-offs and pick-ups at my parents’ house to catch up with them and watch them revel in their roles as Nana and Pop; and dozing off at night feeling my Binky dog smushed against my feet, snoring softly.

I can’t get enough of them all, suddenly.  Maybe it is being back in the old hometown, or seeing the amazing changes that happen each day in Jr – the wonder and excitement that makes him run from thing to thing, taking every last bit in and running to the next, not a moment to spare in his journey to discover it all.

Of course there is work, and I have settled in to the new job and what it will mean for me now and in the future.  I even made my first trip to the home office in Boston this week.  Staying right next to Harvard, I did go out and explore and see what there was to see in such a beautiful and historic city. But I was always happy to get back to the hotel, grab a glass of wine from the bar to take with me upstairs, and call home. To hear the sweet sounds of my family telling me about their days, to hear my son’s voice saying “Mama!  Mama!!” in the background as he ran around using up the last of his amazing toddler energy for the day, and then to tuck myself into bed and listen to the city outside the window and fall asleep to wake up one day closer to home.

There’s been cooking, and cocktails, and plenty of little happenings, it is true – of late I have just had trouble prying myself away from one moment of the day spent with any of them to say anything about it here.

It isn’t JUST the blogging – it’s the boxes still in the basement that could do with unpacking, and Frederico Escape (pronounced “Es-cop-ay”) – my poor car that is in shameful need of cleaning in and out, the garden that could use some pruning and maybe some bulb-planting, and all the other little things I should do that would require putting them aside for a bit- and I just can’t stand the thought of it right now.  It can all just wait, while I am present as a wife, a mom, a daughter – while I make sure that all of them know that they matter most and that I treasure the inconsequential moments with each of them like jewels, hording them up in my heart and stringing them together into the most wonderful lifetime that could ever be hoped for.


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