Eat – Crunchy Honey Mustard Chicken

We all fight it – Chicken breast boredom.  (Something with “breast” in it shouldn’t be boring, you know?  It seems unfair. But none-the-less, it happens.)  So easy to use, so good for you = So. Much. Chicken.

My love of food and my excuses regarding exercise forced me to join the ranks of Jennifer Hudson, Jessica Simpson, and my mom (to name a few celebrities you might know,) who have looked to Weight Watchers to gain a little perspective about a healthier lifestyle – so the good old reliable boneless, skinless chicken breast has been getting A LOT of attention around the casa of late.  All the old faves had been done-to-death.  I needed a change.

Cue the trip to the salad dressing isle, and home again, home again, jigitty jig, with a bottle of Honey Mustard, inspired by The Hub’s occasional enjoyment of honey mustard dipping sauce for various fried bar snacks.  Let’s assemble, shall we?


1 bottle light honey mustard dressing of your choice

2-4 b/s chicken breast portions (3 oz is a WW portion, fyi.)

3/4 cup Stove Top Stuffing in can


Lay your chicken breasts out on a plate, poke repeatedly with the tines of a fork, turn and repeat on other side.

In a shallow pan or zip top baggie (whichever marinating method you prefer,) coat your chicken pieces in the honey mustard dressing, cover or seal and place in the fridge for at least a few hours or over night.


Remove the chicken from the fridge and let the chill come off of it while you do the following steps –

pre heat the oven to 400 degrees, then,

Pour your Stove Top into a zip top baggie and seal completely.

Laying the baggie flat on a durable or ding-able surface, smack the stuffing outta that stuffing with the flat side of a meat mallet or your mee-maw’s cast iron fryer, or whatever’s clever, until it is crushed up into fine crumbs. (Disclaimer, using a rolling-pin to roll back and forth over the stuffing until crushed works too, but is WAY less satisfying, in my opinion, but you do you – whatever works.)


Grab a piece of chicken and remove any really thick globs of the marinade, then coat both sides with the Stove Top crumbs.  Repeat for each piece.


Place a cooling rack on a baking sheet and spray with non-stick spray, then place the chicken on the rack,  being careful not to crowd the pieces (allowing air to circulate on all sides is what lets everything get nice and crispy. Give the top of each piece a little spritz with the cooking spray, for good measure.


Then bake fo 30 minutes in the 400 degree oven, remove and allow to rest for 5 minutes.

Juicy + Crunchy + flavorful = refreshingly NON-boring chicken.

Amen.  (Oh, and 11 lbs down so far, TYVM!)


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