Drink – A New Fashioned Toddy

On one hand we all know that Keri loves a good Toddy.  And on the other we know that Keri loves a nice Old Fashioned.

SOOOOOO….  Put those hands together and what do you get?  Applause for Keri?  Yes, that too, but also –

Keri’s New Fashioned Toddy, the newest reason I am ready for cold weather to settle in for the season, and a fabulous apre trick-or-treat  warm up for the adult ghouls in the house.  🙂

Let’s mix it up:


1 shot whiskey of your choosing (or more, or less, as you feel the “chill” warrants.)

1 orange slice

1 maraschino cherry

1 – 2 teaspoons sugar (again, up to you,)

dash bitters

hot water


In a tall mug,  add the whiskey, sugar, a dash (or two) of bitters, and stir to combine.  fill the mug with the hot water and stir again.  Spear the cherry and orange slice with at toothpick and add to mug.  (Alternatively, muddle the fruit in the bottom of the mug before adding other ingredients, for a stronger fruity flavor.)

Sip, sigh, enjoy.


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