Eat – PERFECT Pork Tacos

I have talked about the salsas from The Women’s Bean Project around ED&BK in the past (as in, right here.)

First of all, I LOVE LOVE LOVE what they do – read all about them and find all of their deliciousness on their website.

I have been really excited to see their products popping up in King Soopers lately (look in the Mexican/Latin foods isle in the bagged dried spices to find their yummy salsa mixes,) because it means that I get to cook with them on a whim!

It is no secret that I can’t get enough of the tex-mex/south-west/mexican food – it is a rare week when less than two of our dinners incorporate SOMETHING influenced by those cooking styles and flavors.   Keri es muy caliente, I guess.  🙂

I have been CRAVING (seriously, severely, ) street tacos for a while now, but a 2 week bout of Bronchitis kept us on a steady diet of take out (we haven’t been here long, and all of my faves know me by name and some even know the family order at this point.  Yikes,) and Pizza-cicles.

BUT I’M BACK, BABY!  Feeling strong(er) but still not wanting anything complicated – just something really packed with flavor.

So into the crock pot went a pork loin, 1/2 cup chicken broth (ok, I confess, it was bullion,) AND a packet of the magical mixture that is WBP Original Hot Salsa Mix.

Oh. Yeah.

8 low-cooking hours later I shredded it all up and served it in corn tortillas warmed in a skillet, sprinkled with diced onion and tomato for me and liberal amounts of cheese for The Hub.  BOOM.  Taco perfection achieved.  PERFECTION.

(No pictures here – alas, we scarfed down the subject matter before I could even think – I lost control!)

Try it – Keri wouldn’t do you wrong – it is STUPID good.

Then send WBP products to all of your friends and family and share the love and pride packed into each of their items.

You’re welcome.


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