Drink- The almost classic Margarita

Happy Margarita Day!!! (No really, it’s a thing, and today is it, I swear. I never lie about booze.)

I grew up working in a Mexican Restaurant. Have I said that before?   Ok, “grew up” is a relative term, because I wasn’t in my play pen in the back of the house or anything, (which one owner’s daughter actually was, it was an actual family joint,) but I did plenty of growing up from 16 to 22 in various jobs there, so…..

Our claim-to-fame was the extra shot of tequila we served with every Margarita.  Some stirred it in to their drink, some bombed it right back on its own (some also bombed back others on the table ehhemmm, Mom, ehhemmm,) and some left them on the table.  The latter meant that the bus boys brought them to the kitchen where we bombed them back while frying sopapillas, er, poured them down the drain, how sad.

Anyhoo, that restaurant of course specialized in the syrup-y sweet typical “house Marg” that gets produced in a Margarita machine. Fine and dandy, but we can do better, my dear old friend of a drink.  Try this instead for something a little less like a Slurpie, but still easy drinking enough to be dangerous.

What You Need:

2oz tequila
1oz tripple sec
1oz lime juice (fresh is best, but don’t judge my jug)
1 oz (give or take to taste) Simple Syrup
Salt for garnish (if you are salt-eh like me)


What You Do:
-wet rim of glass and then invert glass into salt (if you don’t have the marg salt like us drunks savvy veterans have, spread your salt on a small plate to allow for enough space to dip your rim)

–  in an ice-filled shaker combine all the other ingredients.
– lid on, shake doing your best impression of Tom Cruise in Cocktail (refrain from drawing attention to being too young to know that reference. K?)

– pour into glass of your choice.  Here’s my thing with this marg- I like to shake and pour into a bigger glass fille with fresh ice. Much like the simple syrup isn’t traditional, neither is the glass of ice, but I like a little sweetness, and I like a little ice melt in this drink.  Kind of like an Old Fashion, a little icy water-y-ness isn’t really a bad thing to me.   But you do you, and less-or-more the sweetness and the ice in the glass as you see fit.  Mine look like this:



Btw- if you want the pre-fab variety, we can totes accommodate that too, thanks to this stuff from Dr. Sissy (I think it is the sorority girl in her.)


You just say the word and I’ll bust out the blender.

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