Drink – Keri’s Lazy Spring Sangria Blanca

Belly up to my bar and let’s talk Sangria (look, here is your seat):


Sangria is open to interpretation among my girlfriends.  Showers and luncheons honoring one of the group have included gorgeous, traditional versions – full of a whole salad of fruit, with deep juicy red wine, and brandy and honey drizzled in…. mmmmm.
Bottled versions have been gifted back and forth and shared for all manner of occasions.
Pool days have resulted in some rather liberal interpretations of the term involving leftover white wine from someone’s dinner, some berries rejected from a toddler lunch, club soda, and a generous dump of Citrus vodka or possibly moonshine soaked cherries.   (Hashtag Klassy!)

In spring I fall somewhere in between,  mostly as an excuse to bring my beloved Vhino Verde into the mix. This barely fizzy, blessedly UNsweet white wine is perfect for warmer weather.   Look for it with the Portugeese wines.

Here’s my lightning fast lazy Sangria Blanca – perfect for sharing but easy enough to whip up for one.



Vhino Verde –  6oz for a single serving,  1 bottle if making a a pitcher

Triple Sec – 1 shot for a single serve,  3/4 cup – 1 cup in a pitcher (Go for the full cup. come on, you know you want to.)

Strawberries – 2 for single serve , 8-10 for a pitcher  , chopped



In a NON BREAKABLE container – a shallow shaker works well for single serve, a bowl if going the pitcher route, add strawberries and some ice cubes. using a muddler ,or if you can’t find yours like me, any other substantial poking device, (eh heh, eh heh, eh heh,) muddle the strawberries until they are broken down and you see red on the ice and in the container (so you could see my awesome muddler, etc, I have this in the glass – but glass and really good muddling don’t mix that well, broken glass is NOT an ingredient of this recipe):


Add a the wine and the Tripple Sec and stir to mix the mashed strawberry goodness in, (but don’t flatten the bubbles in the wine!)

Transfer to the serving container.  Enjoy.

(I told you it was lazy.  But it tastes really good, and it looks pretty in a pitcher or a glass.)


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