Drink- Summer Jam

Patio living is in full swing at The Casa right now, and nothing says “sip me out-of-doors” like a nice fizzy drink.

Now don’t misunderstand, Prosecco is a warm weather fave of mine with no doctoring needed – but for a happy hour  hosted on the patio, this plused-up-Processo cocktail gives guests a fizzy and fun little extra something to sip on.



1oz Vodka (hello, Tito’s)
-1 tablespoon Orange Liqueur
-1 tablespoon strawberry jam (exact measurement not needed here – just get a spoonful)

In a shaker filled with ice, combine the Vodka, Orange Liqueur, and jam and shake  thoroughly.  (This is key- give it a good long shake to really break up the jam. )
Strain the mixture into a serving glass. Add processo to fill glass.

I like using a martini glass (because pretty,) but I know some will feel like the lifespan of your bubbles is affected by the glass- so a flute or a white wine glass would be lovely as well.


From my patio to yours – cheers!

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