Be- Sooo… where you at?

Ok,I have a confession.
I haven’t been forthcoming about what is coming out of my kitchen on months, because it’s been straight up boring less than exciting.
Both The Hub and myself were experiencing serious T.P.D. (Tight Pants Denial- as in “did we shrink every pair of pants we own? The dryer is CLEARLY on the fritz!)
Um no.  Too much snacky, not enough runny, yo.
So there’s been a lot of this type of situation:

chicken and zoodles

Oh hayyyy, grilled chicken with zoodles and spinach… aren’t you, um, practical.


Annnnd some of this:


Hmmm. More eggs and radishes for breakfast? Um. Ok.

And cocktail hour has looked mostly like this:

sipping on a vodka soda

Vodka soda with a twist- you actually are quite refreshing on a summer day.

So, not-so-much to report that might be you know, actually interesting, I guess.

BUT two things:
Number A: I miss sharing my kitchen creations. I miss it enough to risk being boring, even!  (Dr Sissy and I think it is funny as hell when people say “Number A,” and I am missing her, so there you have that.)

Andplusalso, Letter 2: (lolz,) I realized I actually DO have some pretty delicious things that have come out of the kitch, and I always photograph everything like I am going to post it, so why not!?

So stay tuned…
Keri’s back baby- and it’s about to get Tasty up in here.
(Plus seriously,  it’s not ALL vodka sodas and zoodles all the time,  I mean come on!  It’s still KERI we are talking about here!!)

me and my cookie

Is that a GIANT cookie, late night snacking Keri? (Yes. Yes it is. Hashtag no regrets.)


Tomorrow = A boozy perfect way to use to use Peaches in season right now.


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