Drink – Honey Peach Old Fashioned

We LOVE a good Old Fashioned around our house.

(We love one even more when we’ve been obstaining from delicious things like simple syrup, BTW, but I digress.)

The other thing we love, as all good Coloradans do, is peach season.  PALISADE peach season, to be specific. (Shout out to our western slope orchards, WOOP WOOP, we love ya!)

Front rangers adore Palisade peaches so much, that the town next door to ours actually trucks in a bajillion (math is hard) from the other side of the continental divide and throws a giant peachy blow out once a year – the Lafayette Peach Festival is this weekend, BTW, for the local folks.

So. Much. Fun.

BUT KERI – “I don’t live in Colorado/like festivals/want to leave my house EVER/etc,” you say?

Then take that hand holding a juicy peach, and that hand holding a bourbon bottle (you know that is what you are holding,) and put them together, my friend, for a drink you can sip right on through the dog days of summer.

Let’s make one, k?


(makes 1 drink)

3 oz bourbon (here The Hub has deviated from my usual Bulleit. I object, but, Four Roses is nice too.)

1 Tablespoon Honey (Bjorns the Bjomb if you are local, BTW.)

1/2 a fresh peach

dash Angostura bitters

Make a simple syurp with the honey, by adding a tablespoon of it to a tablespoon of water and heating to boiling (I totally microwave it because Klassy) and set aside to let cool a bit.

Meanwhile, peel and  chop 1/4 of the peach and muddle it – my motto is “muddle in metal” (whoa… say that 3 times fast.  then do it AFTER one or two of these drinks. FUN.)  So I have this in a half a shaker even though  I do NOT shake this drink. Here is before and after muddling:

Next add a dash of the (blurry!?) bitters (a little goes a long way here, people):

Then add in the symple syurp:

Now fill an old fashioned glass (also called a low ball, but that seems mean,) with ice, and add the contents of your muddling vessel.

Add the 3 oz of bourbon and give the whole thing a good stir:

Garnish with the rest of the peach, move immediately to an outdoor space in the shade, and drink up, buttercup.

How’s life now?  Just peachy.

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