Be – Food Tangent

It is 10:46 a.m.  For the past 2 hours I have been trying my best to ignore the call from the tiny fridge in the outer office, beckoning me to come forth and give in.

It is the call of my BLT “Fixins”.  The siren song of my latest in my unending line of food obsessions.

You see, Keri eats in cycles.  Seemingly without reason or warning, suddenly I will have a craving for a food, and then for weeks (sometimes months) after that, it is all I want to eat.

Sometimes it is the very predictable liquid cheese, (you know you have my heart, gooey goodness, no matter any other who might catch my eye momentarily,) but often it comes out of the blue with no past particular favoritism having been felt.

Earlier this year it was buffalo wings and blue cheese. (Actually it was just buffalo SAUCE and blue cheese. Dipping cardboard in these two things probably would have satisfied my cravings, to be honest.)

Last year, around Christmas, it was Bacon Cheeseburgers.  Right before that it was big salads with Ranch Dressing.

(Admittedly, healthy alternatives don’t often enter into this equation – although I have had a couple of tuna sashimi kicks – but that gets expensive FAST.)

When we were in San Fransisco I had a BLT the day we went shopping in Union Square and to The Daily Grill (one of our faves in SF) for lunch.  Something clicked.  Now I can’t get enough.

I had one for breakfast, and another for lunch yesterday.  Luckily I am using extra lean turkey bacon, so I am not going to go into cardiac arrest in the next few days from my current obsession – I just can’t stop.

Toasted Bread spread VERY thinly with mayo (not too much or it is too squishy,) lots of crunchy lettuce, tomato slices with S&P, and 2 slices of bacon, broken to fit into the sandwich perfectly.   Everything needs to be stored separately until the last minute, and then assembled, assuring maximum crunchieness of the bread and lettuce. Cutting on the diagonal is a nice touch REQUIREMENT. 

So good.  Can’t stop.
(At least until the next food-of-choice calls my name.)

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