Be – I love rules.

I had a terrible nightmare last night.  I lived in an all female house and my roommate was Angelina Jolie.  Don’t get me wrong, just that probably would have been enough to wake me in a flat panic, but that wasn’t the really terrible part.

You see, she was a horrible rule-breaker.  She ran around in sleezy undies in the public areas, smoked pot out our window, played loud music at all hours, and didn’t give a hoot about how her actions affected anyone.  It drove “dream Keri” crazy!

I jolted straight up out of a dead sleep with such a start that poor Potter flew  about 5 feet in the air and then came to see what all the cold-sweat commotion was about.

Anyone who has known me a while wouldn’t be surprised, I guess. 

Keri LOVES rules. 

I colored INSIDE the lines as a little girl, thank you very much. 

Even in my most rebellious teenaged moments, I was still the girl lecturing others not to trash the party-thrower’s house.  I was a considerate rebel.

And in adulthood, I am a speed-limit-obeying, no white after Labor Day wearing, 15 items, NOT 16, in the express line, always considerate of her highrise neighbors,  loud and proud rule follower.

I must admit, I don’t really get those who don’t follow rules.

Now before you get all worked up about all the great things rule breakers have done throughout history, let me say that I am talking accepted and agreed upon rules of behavior here.  Not crazy dictator oppressive rules.

I like the rules that help everyone get along from day-to-day. That are designed to show consideration for others.  I like the order and peace and calm that comes with them.

I like it when everyone is nice – and following the rules helps with that.

Dream Angelina was , truly, a nightmare.


I can’t get her and her evil ways out of my head. 

Time to go cross the street WITH the signal and restore order to my world.

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