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Eat, Briefly – Taste It! Broomfield

Thursday evening was the Taste It! Broomfield, a food and drink event sponsored by the local chamber of commerce.
For the second year, The Hub and I helped out our friends from Big Choice Brewing with set up and tear down.
Of course we we also ate and ate and ate- delicious bites and plates from local restaurants. These bison strudels from the Omni Interlocken we my favorite. So much yum:
Andplusalso, we drank and drank, enjoying local beer, wine, infused spirits, and even moonshine! I did NOT watch my macros. Nope. This was how I started the evening:

It was a great night, a great crowd, and Big Choice took home “best beverage” honors too!!

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Eat, Briefly – Grilled Pork Chops with Brie

Last night’s dinner – grilled pork chops stuffed with Brie, and whipped cauliflower with bacon and cheddar.  So yummy.

I made NONE of it last night.  You know Keri is all about the prep-cooking, and Jr’s evening T-ball schedule is making that prep pay off even more!

Almost every time I get the grill going to cook something, I load it up with extra chicken breasts or pork chops or even burgers, to be cooked until  JUST done. Then I cool them, seal them in zip-locks, and label them for the freezer.

Tossing whatever we will need into the fridge the night before means that we have food ready to be quickly heated and served for maximum taste in minimum time during the busy evening run-around.

For this meal, I cut a pocket in the side of the already-grilled chops and stuffed each with a smear of brie. (But long time readers know that Keri has long been a fan of stuffing a chop – hello 2009 blast from the past.)

Then I just heated it in the oven next to the whipped cauliflower I had steamed, whipped, and mixed with bacon and cheddar on Monday (always my big prep cooking day.)

Add more Vinho Verde and Tah-Dah – dinner on table after 10 minutes in the oven.

Later in the evening during our weekly viewing of Scream, the TV Series (yes, I know that MTv is not age appropriate viewing for our old ass selves, but we love a good Summer thriller,) we shook up some dirty martinis* with blue cheese olives.  Because you have to have a drink to choke on when the killer bumps off his/her next victim, can I get an amen?

*sidenote – we are Tito’s vodka fans now.

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Drink – Low Carb Revolver

Ok look….

It isn’t that there hasn’t been plenty of Eating, drinking, and being Keri of late.

It is that there hasn’t been much writing about it.

Truthfully, new recipes have been few and far between – low carb laziness has set in.

Lots of ginormous slabs of meat grilled or sautéed in butter or coconut oil.  Piles and piles of salads.  Eggs all ways, for days and days.  Zoodles until I fear repetitive motion syndrome might cripple my wrists forever.

Dry white wine, dry white wine, martini….  Repeat.

Not so much with the exciting, blog-worthy meals and drinks.

EXCEPT – that isn’t totally true.

Because let’s face it – ALL FOOD IS AWESOME!!


So, with that in mind – and in horror honor of my last week as a not-40-year-old (DEAR GOD,)  I give you:


Excited?  Of course you are not.

We are now officially within 7 days of the actual date, so I figure that I am entitled to get the last week of my 30s started off with a bang.  Keri’s favorite cocktail EVER is, of course, the Revolver. Alas, I will be saving any potential for higher carb cheats for closer to the momentous occasion. (After all, this celebration is a marathon, not a sprint people.)

So to keep my hankerings at bay, I have concocted a handy faux version that shares a lot of the same flavors, without the Kahlua carb bomb.

Presenting, the Low-carb Revolver.


3 ounces Bulleit (or bourbon of your choice)

1 tablespoon sugar free caramel flavored syrup

1 dash bitters

1 or 2 tablespoons cold coffee (optional)

Combine all ingredients into shaker filled with ice and shake well to mix and chill.  Pour into a chilled martini glass.


That gets things started right, I’d say.  Tomorrow I will fill you in on what I am whipping up for dinner tonight.


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>Stolen Moment, Boozy pineapple!

>From the Vintage Kitten, I give you the Pineapple Margarita.. Sounds like a genius idea to me!!

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>Use what you have entertaining!

>My fabulous friend MG came over for a little HH at Home last night, and I mixed up some martinis (duh – that is like second nature now – VICTORY, I have succeeded in making the cocktail hour come alive again!) and decided to skip the store and use what I had at home to make some munchies to accompany our drinkys..
Apples have been on sale for a song all over the place lately (hello Target and your free apple opportunities) so I cut up an apple, half of a giant cucumber, some sharp cheddar (2% even, what a healthy snack!) and grabbed some tortilla chips… I piled it all around a container of Spinach Artichoke dip that I had in the freezer and TAAAAH DAAAAA! – Quick, healthy, yummy, and affordable!!

It was perfect… I would have set it outside for some quality patio time, but alas, the wind was a whippin’ like crazy right then!! Oh well – you can’t control the weather, right?

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>I should add…


I should add that I have FINALLY managed to bring back the afternoon cocktail as an institution… at least in The Treehouse… come 5 oclock you can hear the tell-tale “Shakey shakey” of me mixing martinis… Always Dirty for The Hub, and usually fruity and kind of made-up on the fly for me… My favorite (right) currently is the “Limetini” – a lovely mixture of 2 1/2 oz Vodka, 1oz water, and a generous teaspoon of limeade frozen concentrate… shake all of that with a couple of ice cubes until it gets kind of frothy and enjoy…
(This new-found love of martini hour MAY have something to do with my lack of meal pictures lately.. I will try to balance my love for both..)

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>Do you come here often? Happy Hour at Home..

> I spent the day with my fabulous parents on Saturday, while The Hub got his Masters viewing on… (I can only take so much golf -seriously..)
I wanted to do something special since it was a weekend night, so I decided to bring happy hour home to him. A guy at the liquor store reccommened the Svedka Vodka (above) saying it has all the qualities of an expensive vodka, just not the price and that it would be perfect for dirty martinis, The Hub’s favorite cocktail..

I used this recipe and he said they were “perfect”….
2 oz. Vodka or Gin
3/4 oz. Olive Juice
1/2 oz. Dry Vermouth
I shook it all together in a chilled cocktail shaker and strained it over 2 blue cheese stuffed olives into a well-chilled glass…
( I had to agree that they were tasty, but I usually don’t drink my martinis dirty, so I wouldn’t know any different..)

To go along with our cocktails, I whipped up some little “bar snacks”.. Some “Savorings” that I had bought on sale at King Soopers last week, stacking the sale with a paper coupon AND a cellfire coupon loaded on my Soopercard!! (I think I ended up paying like 42 cents for them!).. I also marinaded some thinly sliced beef in balsamic vinegar and black pepper, threaded it onto some water-soaked wooden skewers and broiled them until just done, and made a traditional quesidilla too..

It was good.. it was all good…

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>Orange Margaritas and Beef fajitas

>After last year’s um, “grease fire incident” that signaled the end of grill season, I spent Sunday with a can of Easy-off and a scraper making sure that my grill pan was clean as a whistle and ready to go… I decided to use it last night to make our fajitas since yesterday was so pretty)

To compliment our dinner, I decided to make a recipe for Orange Margaritas I found on the web, since I have lots of OJ (stocked up because of a good sale and coupon from Safeway this past weekend) and only had a tiny little bit of lime juice left… (ahhhh yes, “use what you have drinking”) Actually, it was a really yummy switch!

So I tossed some onion slices in tin foil and my peppers on the grill first, since the peppers cook pretty fast – I like to blister on each side, including inside: And then removed the peppers and tossed the meat on (yep, it is Target coupon meat, and nope, you don’t even need to bother asking that for at least the next month, probably more – the answer is a big old YES!) – I seasoned it with cumin and ground red pepper..

I sliced the meat super thin, served it with all the fixin’s I could find, and The Hub and I both kicked it up a notch with some tabasco-type hot sauce on our fajitas… with our Margaritas it was a tasty and affordable way to celebrate the first grilled meal of the year!

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>National Margarita Day!!

> Yesterday was National Margarita Day!! To celebrate we whipped some up, old school… (no sicky sweet pre fab mixes for us!!)

Into a shaker with ice:
1 and 1/2 oz tequilla
1/2 oz tripple sec
1 oz lime juice

Shake well, strain into glass (with salted rim if desired) and enjoy… It isn’t a crazy size, it isn’t a frozen mix of sweet and sour mix and cheapy tequilla, it has class, it has flavor… it has plenty of booze!!
We each had two doubles 🙂

To go with our drinkys, I made Baked Potatoes ole – baked potatoes with spicy ground turkey, cheddar, my usual yogurt mixed with taco sauce (Really good on the potatoes.. creamy and zesty and yum!), salsa, guacamole, and jalepenoes all piled on top…

The Hub loved it… maybe it was the drinks talking 😉

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