Hot Toddys

It seems that recipes for “the traditional” Hot Toddy are kind of like old pick-up trucks in a small town:  everybody has one of their own.

Some use good old American Whiskey, some use Scotch, some Kentucky Bourbon.  There is the “nothing but hot water” contingent, and then there are those who swear it has to be tea.  Some doctor it up with sugar, some honey, most like lemon.  It goes on and on. 

But it all comes down to how Keri drinks them around here, doesn’t it?  So here it is:

What you need:

1.5 ounces Jack Daniels Whiskey (one “shot”)

1 Celestial Seasonings Lemon Zinger Tea Bag

Hot water

Tall Mug

Optional Training Wheel condiments: Honey, Lemon Juice

What you Do:

Pour hot water into the mug and allow to sit for a minute or two, to pre-heat the mug (you can skip this if you want, but it is a nice touch.) 

 Then dump the water and add the Jack Daniels to the mug.  Fill with Hot water and add tea bag. 

Cover top of mug and allow tea to steep (I like to let it sit 4 or 5 minutes – don’t worry, it won’t get cold if you keep it covered and have warmed that mug up!)

Remove the tea bag and add honey and lemon to taste if desired.  I am a huge fan of nothing but Jack and Lemon Zinger in my Toddys.  The Hub likes a generous squeeze off the Honey Bear in his.  My Daddy’s Toddys are always made with lots of lemon juice and a touch of honey, and they are THE. Best. Thing. Ever. when you are sick.

Experimentation may be needed for you to find your favorite mix – make up a big pot of tea and let your friends pick their poison and their condiments.  The perfect answer for chasing away any chill, I promise.

2 responses to “Hot Toddys

  1. Nate

    Since this was posted, Jack Daniels has come out with “Tennessee Honey”. Lemon Zinger tea mixed with that yield amazing results. Wild Turkey also came out with “American Honey”, but that’s a bit more sweet than I prefer.

  2. Mind reader!! I JUST said that I bet Tennessee Honey would be perfect in a Toddy.. and Toddy weather is coming to CO this week! Mmmmmm.

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