Dirty. Is. Good.

If it tells you anything about how revered a well-made Martini is at The Tree House, this is a pic I snapped with the trusty Alias for FB.  That’s right – Martinis are “Status-update worthy” in my book.

So just what is the perfect recipe for a deliciously dirty Martini?   I am glad you asked because I have done extensive drinking research on the subject, and I am here to enlighten you.

It looks deceptively simple:

3 oz. Vodka (we are Svedka fans at The Tree House)
3/4 oz. Olive Juice
1/2 oz. – 3/4 Dry Vermouth

Combine in a shaker with plenty of ice, cap tightly, and shimmy shake it all around your casa until your hands super cold and the shaker is nice and frosty. Pour into  chilled glass (if you don’t have chilled glasses, fill a glass with ice and a bit of water and stir, then let it sit while you whip up your drink.)

Garnish with olives as desired (Blue Cheese stuffed are fab) and sip.  Feel the worries falling away.

Status Update: ” Ahhhhhhhh.”

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