Grilled Balsamic Steak Kababs

There has been a lot of “lighter fare” on the Tree House menu lately, and I could tell that The Hub was hankerin’ for some red meat.  I, as usual, was hankerin’ to get some veggies down his gullet, and keep the grocery budget in check at the same time.

How to satisfy all those requirements?  Enter The Kabab.

By using an inexpensive cut of meat and adding plenty of veggies to the mix, this meal on a stick can make everyone happy in a flash!

Break out your skewers and let’s get stabbing!

What You Need:

I used Eye of Round steaks – very inexpensive (seen above)

2 tablespoons Balsamic Vinegar

1 each Red and Green Bell pepper

1 can Pineapple

(or whatever veggies you wish to kabab)

Grill Seasoning (or use a combo of Salt, Fresh Cracked Pepper, and Garlic Powder)

6 skewers (be sure to soak in water prior to use if you are using wooden skewers)

What You Do:

Cube the meat into 1 inch pieces and add to bowl with balsamic vinegar.  Toss to coat the meat well.

Let the meat sit 30 minutes in the vinegar.

Then Chop the bell peppers and drain the pineapple.

If you are anal retentive like me, divide the ingredients into 6 equal piles (4 seen here):

Start skewering! Alternate the Veggies and Meat on each of the skewers.  Then sprinkle the meat with grill seasoning, turning to hit all sides.

Heat your grill up nice and hot to seal in the juices of the meat and get pretty grill marks on everything and start grilling.  (Alternatively you can do this in the oven or broiler – I recommend letting the cooking pan heat up with the oven to give the kababs a hot surface to cook on.)

On my trusty little Patio Bistro grill, the kababs got 8 minutes on one side, turned completely over and got 8 on the other – if your meat is more square than flat you could do 4 minutes on each of the 4 sides, turning a quarter turn each time.

I wrap my kababs in foil (except for the end with the handle) after removing from the grill to hold in the heat, and then just take them to the table that way so we can grab a kabab as needed.


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