Party Time!

The Hub’s 40th birthday shin-dig was a small gathering, and I wanted to make appetizer versions of some of his favorite foods. 

 Up on the top-level of the two-tiered server, I used my biscuit pocket trick to make Smoked Cheddar Cheeseburger bites (a take on his local favorite Cricket Burger with Smoked Cheddar,) in front of that a nice big spread of cured meats and cheeses, some veggies and humus for the herbivores, and (the total hit of the day,) I used this recipe and substituted beef fajita meat (and left off the veggies, since we are talking about The Hub here,) to make a beef fajita dip in honor of his absolute favorite food.

Add in some Lovely Confections Cupcakes, (because I can’t do better than perfection) and some family and friends and it was a great way to celebrate The Hub in all his Fabulous Forty-ness.

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