Quick and Easy Tex-Mex Soup

This “recipe” is a monument to laziness, I must confess.

It is also a cold weather favorite that (in different variations) gets heavy rotation in the Tree House menu plan during the cooler parts of the year.

Tuesday wasn’t exactly freezing, but it was cool enough to enjoy this easy favorite.

Ready to make a batch? Grab your can opener!

What You Need:

1 cooked chicken breast, chopped OR 1 large can white meat chicken

1/4 can corn

1 can chicken with white and wild rice soup

1 can ranch style beans (I like the ones with jalepenos mixed in)

shredded cheddar & tortilla chips for topping/dunking

What You Do:

In a large pan over medium heat, add the soup and one can of water.

Open and dump all other cans into the soup, withOUT draining anything (add chicken if using fresh not canned as I did here)

Stir to combine and heat through.

Serve with cheddar for topping and tortilla chips for dunking or crumbling into the soup.

*Optional ingredients – a can of rotel tomatoes adds nice color and flavor to the soup, as well as extra veggies.  Unfortunately The Hub is not a tomato fan, so I leave them out.  Additional toppings or add-ins that could turn this into a great game day “build your own bowl” buffet would be chopped avocados, sour cream, black olives, diced onion, chopped roasted or fresh bell peppers, and anything else you use in your favorite tex-mex dishes



One response to “Quick and Easy Tex-Mex Soup

  1. Jes

    This is definitely going in my “no time to make dinner” menu – thanks!

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