Shrimp Po’ Boys

One of the best trips The Hub and I have shared in our time as Man and Wife was a fabulous trip to New Orleans for the wedding of two of our dear friends a couple years ago.  It was my first time in The Big Easy, though The Hub has been there many times.  He LOVES the food. LOVES. IT.

So since I am currently a travel fuddy-duddy, I decided to try to bring the memories of some of our favorite times together to the dinner table by making foods that remind us of them.  Hence, my semi-cheater Po’ Boy.

Now put down your Hurricane and let’s make some!

What You Need:

1 box frozen breaded popcorn shrimp (told you I was cheating a bit, didn’t I?)

2 french sandwich rolls (I actually used one large loaf cut into sammie sizes)

Creole Seasoning

Shredded Lettuce


Veggie or Canola Oil

What you Do:

Pre-heat the oven and bake the shrimp as directed on the package

Meanwhile, mix 3  Tablespoons of Mayo with 1- 1& 1/2 Tablespoons of the Canola oil, and 1 teaspoon of the Creole Seasoning.  (This is all around what I used – but if you want your dressing thinner or thicker, adjust the amount of oil; also taste and adjust the amount of heat with the seasoning.)

Cut the rolls open leaving one side attached to create a hinge in the bread, and spread each side with the dressing.  lay a bed of the lettuce in each roll.

Remove the shrimp from the oven and tuck into each of the rolls before closing.

Serve with spicy mustard and Louisiana style hot sauce for those who want to kick things up a notch and you will enjoy – I Gurrrrr-onnn-teeee it.

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