Week of 6/27/2010

Hit the farmers’ market at DUH again this week, because I wanted another one of those AMAZING lamb chops (seriously, my mouth waters when I think of this,  I think The Hub’s does too!)

I also took some liberties with what I spent some of the grocery budget on, because I know I am not going to spend it – I am also dropping my grocery budget to 60.00 each two weeks and putting the extra 20.00 in Savings for a bit. If it becomes apparent that it is too little to get what we need, I can always reevaluate.


Ranch Direct Lamb Shoulder Chop – 3.11

Heirloom Tomatoes 3.00 for .5 lbs (I know, it is a splurge, but OMG they look SO GOOD!!)


Tax -0.00

Store Total – 6.11


Dollar Tree

Hair spray – 1.00

Pineapple – 1.00

Hunt’s Ketchup – 1.00

Lasagna Pan – 1.00

Atrificial greenery (4) – 4.00


Tax –  0.46

Store Total – 8.46


King Soopers

Minute Maid Limeade – o.99 (sale price)

Minute Maid Limeade – o.99 (sale price)

Kroger Potato Chips – 1.84

Kroger French Onion Dip – 1.50 (sale price, needed something to take to a BBQ, chips and dip were easy)

Sirloin Steak – 3.80 (from manager’s special case, discounted from 7.30)

Medicine – 7.89 (sale price)

Plug adapter 2 pack – 2.59 (broke the old adapter for my computer, woops)


Tax –  0.81

Store Total –  20.43


Weekly Total –  35.00

Total remaining from $60.00 two week budget – $25.00


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