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Drink- Grown Up Cocoa

I love cocoa.
I have always loved cocoa.

There is nothing more satisfying to the soul than a good snowman building  session followed by a big cup of steaming, rich cocoa.

Well, there is ONE thing that’s  better:
Cocoa that’s been doctored up with some booze and other add-ins!


A recent cocoa spread

This isn’t so much of a recipe as it is a jumping off point, so here are a few of my favorite add ins:
-Peppermint Schnapps & Whipped cream– I’ve heard this called a “Snuggler.”  Call it what you want, it is GOOD.  So good.
-Butterscotch Schnapps — rich rich rich. Perfection.
– Kahlua– It’s flavored like booze and coffee. It pluses a piping hot cup o’ cocoa in EPIC fashion.  FYI, my new BFF Julie, (who doesn’t know it yet,)  has informed me that there is a Peppermint Mocha flavored Kahlua.
Just let that marinate for a sec… because holy crap, that is the one true ring of booze in cocoa, fo’ sho’.
-Baileys– It tastes like a hot version of a mudslide people. Nothing wrong with that.
-Whiskey — my cocoa of choice this season has actually been of the sugar free variety (big fat bummer, Ker,) with a shot of Bullitt Bourbon or Jameson Whiskey and some liquid Peppermint with stevia. So evidently my ketogenic nutrition obsession has turned me into the dreaded grandma with a purse full of sugar free candy that no one wants.
But it works for me, so pfthhhhhhh!
HOWEVER – Whiskey works great in sugarFULL cocoa as well. Especially the vanilla white chocolate version of these cocoa on a spoon thingys we were gifted. YUM!


Hording these... if you come to my house, you probably can't have one.

AND Of course all of the whipped cream and jimmies and marshmallows and shaved chocolates and candy canes for stirring and all the other yummy add ins.

What am I missing? What should I be dumping in my cocoa that I’m not?
You guide me, my good and drunken readers. Let’s share.


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