Eat – Oopsie Roll Madness

I can take exactly NO credit for the tastiness which I am about to discuss with you.
PLEASE don’t think I am.
I can only relay the recipe that has delivered me to an entirely new level of obsession, and shamelessly display the deliciousness that has been born of it.
Good readers (mom,) I give you, THE OOPSIE ROLL. (aka, cloud bread.)
oopsie 3
Those little round buns of perfection ( heh heh, “buns of perfection,”) are so ridiculously full proof easy to make, and they are (in this house) the definitive answer to the low-carb-but-I-just-need-bread struggle.
Those little circles are composed of nothing more than 1 egg for every 1 ounce of cream cheese you use, and a pinch of cream of tartar.
That is it, my friends.
I refer to this recipe from the Your Lighter Side blog – which may or may not be the actual origin of the Oopsie (as she does explain that she made a mistake when making a different recipe resulting in these rolls.)
I was hesitant – I pinned that blog post MANY moons ago and always thought “there is NO way I could make those right.” I saw scads of Oopsie horror stories from other disgruntled would-be bakers. Finally I relented in desperation for something new to cook for The Hub, and made my first batch using tiny muffin tins.
They came out ok, and made meatball sliders that were passable.

oopsie sliders.png
But when I fully submitted to the process of the Oopsie, making round piles of the batter on a parchment-lined baking sheet? That is when the true joy and promise of the Oopsie unfolded to me.

oopsie 1
They came out PERFECT. Again, and again, and again, they always come out perfect. I make 2 batches of 6 rolls a week most of the time now. I use them for everything!
Breakfast Sammies:

oopsie breakfast.jpg
Pot Pie Toppers:

oopsie pot pie
Burger Buns (all hail the green chile bacon cheeseburger):

oopsie burger
Individual pizza crusts:

oopsie pizza.png

…and garlic bread to serve with zoodles and meat sauce, the bottom of egg casseroles for breakfast, brown-bagging-it BLTs for lunch… the list goes on and on. I can’t stop the oopsie train.

So I suggest you get on board!!! I am branching out into different shapes – this week I have Oopsie bread-sticks with Italian herbs baked in on the menu – even if you aren’t following a low carb nutrition plan, this is an easy and delicious alternative. It comes together so easily it can also provide a shot of kitchen confidence (and who doesn’t need an ego boost now and then? I LOVE hearing yummy noises when I cook for people, don’t you!?)
They may be called Oopsie rolls, but it is no accident that they are around for breakfast, lunch, and dinner at our house!


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2 responses to “Eat – Oopsie Roll Madness

  1. Jennifer Brooks

    I’m all about low carb being a diabetic and having celiac, but do the aka cloud bread taste like eggs? Or does it taste like bread?

    • It does NOT taste like eggs. I think it has a consistency and flavor that is very similar to bread- it is a bit fluffy, but they hold up nicely when used as burger buns, so still fairly strong. Also, you can add some herbs to make a nice garlic herb bread, or sprinkle onsome cinnamon and sweetener for a dessert, so you can change up the flavor. Give it a try, and come back to let me know if you love them like I do! 🙂

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